FBI Jobs (Public Facing)

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Technical Consulting | Front-End Web Development | Drupal Theming & Development


As a subcontractor, I worked with a small team to develop and maintain the new FBI Jobs website. My role on the project was to help lead the development of the website front-end and content management process, communicate technical complexities to the project managers and dev operations, work closely with dev operations to implement CI/CD pipeline and modern workflows and interview potential candidates for developer roles on the project.

The client was in the process of a brand redesign and needed the website to compliment the rest of the brand identity. The current website design was outdated and didn't correlate with the clients overall brand direction. The client also mentioned the difficulty of content editing, and management through their current system. Since the CMS was far outdated the client also needed a new instance and version of their current CMS ( or another potential solution ).


I worked closely with dev ops, project managers, product designers and the client strategizing the best CMS solution for the redesign. On top of that, we had to work with the clients internal infastructure and approved resources. Keeping those oppsticles in mind, I helped lead the front-end development and structuring of content within the CMS.

Design Team Collaboration

The design team worked closely with us during the whole development process. In order to keep a consistent mapping between the design mockups and the front-end we proposed working with a standard design framework that was battle tested and used through other similar websites and platforms. This helped the designers and developers work together more effectively.