Human Health Exposure Analysis Resource

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Front-End Web Developer | Drupal Theming & Development


HHEAR is funded by NIEHS, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) to advance understanding of the influence of environment on human health over a lifetime.

As a subcontractor, I was brought on to the user experience team at Westat to help build a centralized network of exposure analysis services and expertise for health researchers. My role was to build front-end web pages, design the content entry and management for easability and work with the UX design in implementing new designs.

This HHEAR's main purpose as a resource included:

  1. Consultation on exposure analysis, study design and data analysis for development of applications.
  2. Targeted (hypothesis driven) and untargeted (discovery driven) analysis of biological and environmental samples for approved projects.
  3. Statistical analysis, data integration, and interpretation.
  4. A repository of de-identified epidemiologic and biomarker data.

When coming on to the project the platform and enviornment of the site were already in place. My solution for implementing the front-end webpages included utilizing a templating language native to the platform in order to create less complexitity to the system. There were some limitations to the enviornment due to security which required contacting the security team. To push efficiency and productivity I worked with the development team and project managers to find solutions to speed up development within our permission limits.